Choosing a Plastic Surgeon

Our Experience

The decision to undergo an operation to enhance ones appearance should never be taken lightly. Although most procedures are very safe when carried out by an experienced plastic surgeon, one needs to be aware that there are risks with every procedure. Your safety is our primary concern at the Cosmetic Surgery Hospital

All the physicians on our medical staff are specialists in their appropriate fields. Application to medical staff is required yearly, and as in a general hospital, credentials are reviewed. For your added protection, all surgeons have admitting privileges at a major hospital. In the unlikely event of a major problem, or complication developing they have access to more extensive facilities, and after hour care than any freestanding surgical facility can provide.

Remember when choosing a surgeon that advertisements are paid for, and are not scrutinized. Many newspaper and magazine articles are paid for as well—a sort of silent advertising. Your family physician may be in a position to help guide you if you are comfortable discussing potential cosmetic surgery with that individual.